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development in the negotiations on capitol hill, remembering a teenage girl that was shot and killed in oakland. what could help find her killer. complete bay coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. it's monday, d ecember 21st. this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with late word that the white house and republicans have reached an agreement on the fiscal cliff, the deal includes a tax hike for u.s. households making for than $250,000 a year. joe biden is at the capitol to brief democrats and there's a possibility the senate could vote tonight. the major remaining issue is
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how to make budget cuts. >> taxes will go up and the united states will ring in the new year by going over the fiscal cliff. it would increase the state tax, bring back higher tax rates on owners. >> our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going u pstarting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal we can accomplish. >> reporter: they wanted taxes to go up on couples making $250,000. this deal is a concession as it increases on households. >> it has been clearly a g ood- faith negotiation. we all want to protect taxpayers and we can get it done now. >> reporter: a sticking point is a sequester. more than a trillion dollars in
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social programs, they say that the market needs structure and certainty, not haggling. it could take a hit if the deal falls a part. with higher taxes, california would spend less and tax r eceipts would drop. the loss of $11 billion in revenues in two years.
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the automatic spending cuts could affect thousands of jobs here in california. optimism strikes a deal on a winning note. they break a five-day losing streak. the nasdaq scored a 2% gain with a 55 gain.
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>> they tell me they plan to take advantage of public transportation to get to and from their new year's party s afely. for many, new year's eve plans s, it's easier and cost efficient. we will take a cab and won't have to go anywhere. >> bart is running trains out of san francisco and extending service until 3 p.m. some lines will only stop at certain downtown stations. >> the point is to make sure they don't get overcrowded. >> muny is offering service. >> the bus lines including the 14, the 38 and the 5 will be r
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unning extended service throughout the night. >> they're adding service and will be free after 11 p.m. the last one leaves at 2:14. >> a lot of crazy people. dumb people. >> taxis will be in high demand, they are offering free rides, up to $35 for riders mentioning their sponsor and aaa is offering a free 10- mile tow home for members and nonmembers. >> other agencies are offering extended or free service i ncluding the broadway shuttle in the south bay. live in oakland, ktvu. >> crowds are gathering for the new years eve celebration, they are in effect.
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they spent the day loading shelves that will go into position before the show begins at midnight. >> and the cold weather is welcomed in the sierra, looking at these pictures sent to us by john. he says it was a bluebird day at the peak which means plenty
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of sunshine after fresh snowfall overnight. police took two men into custody after a fatal shooting that happened before 9:30 at the summer breeze apartments. officers answered a 9-1-1 call. he died at the scene and only identified as an adult male. >> the shooting happened in
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broad daylight as they walked through the crossing apartment complex. another youngster wounded ran a block with a bullet wound in his foot. a boy described as 13 years old wearing a red t-shirt. >> disheartening and e mbarrassing to the city and to myself as a police chief. >> this most recent death is the 131st homicide of the year. one of 12 involving children. people gathered, ahead, what spiritual leaders say will be done to stop the murder
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rate. 21-year-old garcia was arrested on december 27th in oakland. lewis was already in custody on burglary charges and raven dixon was the first one arrested this month. the carry-home bags are about to become a memory. it requires customers at supermarkets and pharmacies to bring their own carry home bags or pay a dime for a paper back. the idea is to help the environment by keeping the bags out of creeks and elsewhere. >> i had my bags hanging by the
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door and i forgot. >> it actually will start to stick in my head. a new year's race is in store for those working in san fan, the minimum wage goes up to $10.55, it's the highest minimum rage in the nation. california state minimum wage is $8 an hour. secretary of state hillary clinton is spending a second night in the hospital after the discovery of a blood clot in her head. she's being treated with blood thinners to avoid the stroke. it's believed that the blood clot is related to the concussion she suffered earlier this month. the house fire sends
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residents running for safety. stanford fans may think otherwise, but there's more than a game in pasadena tomorrow. the last-minute look at the preparations for the parade. >> your new year's eve temperatures are starting to tumble. how cold i expect to be coming up. ♪
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firefighters say that the broken gas line fed the flames. it took hours to dig a hole in the street. four people made it to safety.
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no word on what started the fire inside the home or garage. dozens gathered to remember victims this year. it runs deeper than usual due to a higher murder rate. never knew what it was about until today. and here i am standing here, you know, i just never thought i would be here. >> he was shot to death as he was heading home just before halloween. he's one of too many prayed for at a vigil in oakland. >> you almost want to break down in tears and cry out to god, w hy? >> the father said together we can reduce violence by looking
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to a higher power and to each other with love and compassion. his 21-year-old grandson was g unned down in september. >> you have to do something about it. we're losing everybody. we're losing the people we are leaving the world to. >> he smoke with the priest in new town who said she would be praying with oakland. the dog was sentenced to death after it bit a police horse and tore gashes into the horse's l eg. the owner obtained this restraining order preventing the dog from being euthanized.
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the california supreme court ruled in favor of america in the case of a woman who broke her wrist. the equipment is essential to the safety of the agents even though abc officers are rarely exposed to gunfire. the donation day, today is the biggest day for donations because it's the last day for
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donations to be written off on the 2012 for taxes. they helped to ring in the new year. the entertainment included the more traditional fireworks. here's a peek in new york's t imes square and this crowd has grown. it's expected to be thick with people all out to watch the ball drop. they expect about a million to attend the event and about a ton of confetti will be dropped. before the kickoff, there's a big parade with plenty of fanfare. he shows us the behind the scene work to make it a big
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hit. the band kicked off the official rose bowl luncheon, 100 yards away, crew members were busy putting the final touches on the 44 floats that will appear in the turnment of roses parade. >> generally touching up the process. >> does that mean someone screwed up? >> no it means that adjustments need to be made between what you see in the dark and what you see in the sunshine. >> thomas drives the float tomorrow, it's the 34th consecutive year that thomas has been undercover steering the route and never seeing one bit of the parade. >> you're driving blind? >> completely. >> picture an umbrella on the ground and wondering around,
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it's a lot of fun. >> they will be jammed with thousands of spectators tomorrow and further down colorado a venue, folks are staking claim to their favorite viewing spots. >> we have been at this spot since '85. >> in l.a., on the heels of a disappointing 2012 season. the offense struggled on its way to a 4-12 record. among four raiders coaches, offensive line coach and line backer's coach johnny holland. the arizona cardinal, the san diego chargers, chicago bears,
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the temperatures are d ropping, slipping back into the 40s. if you have plans, bring along
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a jacket to keep you warm. we have a spare-the-air day for tomorrow, i'll have details in a moment. we have a little bit of mixing in the area going on. here's the center of the weak system. here's the front, it's going to take a southerly track through california over the next 24 h ours and leave us with a mix of clouds, moisture starts, we're not seeing rain, we have a little bit of moisture popping up, don't think it's hitting the ground. maybe just a little bit of drizzle or a visit z bit going on. most of these clouds are pulling out of here.
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look. 40 degrees in fairfield. mid- to upper 40s around the bay. 9:00, maybe some evening dinner plans, 40 degrees in napa, upper 30s for fairfield as well as livemore. at midnight, 38 in santa rosa and san francisco, mid-40s at midnight. >> temperatures will continue to cool in the overnight hours. it will be just as chilly. low 30s, 33 for livemore. upper 30s to low 40s around the bay. maybe not as cold because we got mixing going on with the
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weak system. i suspect we will dip to freezing or below for the colder spots. the spare-the-air day especially for the areas along the north county and the south santa c lara, afternoon highs, -- the new year's celebration is taking place. the science center held the balloon drop for little ones, the chance to ring in the new year without staying up past your bedtime. it was time to celebrate the stroke of midnight at 11:00 a.m
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., and 4 p.m. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. our coverage continues at the 10:00 news. for the countdown to 2013. here's the new year's r esolution. ♪
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